MDT Productions – Run and Hide
September 11, 2018

Garage 2020 - Escape Room (Kasteel Uilenstein)

Castle Uilenstein is a digital escape room specificaly build for children whose parents are in a devorce.

Withing this game, the child can ventilate their feelings without actually talking to someone. For more information about this game: Garage 2020

To accompany the music within this heavy subject, the music is written from a perspective of the child. The main story piece follows mom and dad who, at the beginning agree on everything and are in perfect harmony but evantually work against eachother (melody cello and flute).

Instrument Roles:

Mom: Flute
Dad: Cello
Child: Harp.

Client: Garage2020

In colaboration with Lone Birch Interactive (Development) and Conceptlicious (Design).